Population-Adjusted Freedom Index

Freedom House publishes a yearly report with quantified statistics of the level of freedom in each country, according to certain metrics. Their 2016 report states that the world’s freedoms in 2016 were lower than in 2015. Countries are increasingly unfree.

However, these estimates do not adjust for population. If China has 10% more freedom this year than in 2015, but Yemen has 10% less, the total freedom per capita is still
increased due to China’s larger population. I adjusted by adding the points for Political Rights and Civil Liberties for each country, to get a total freedom value for all countries. I then multiplied the total by each country’s population, and added the total adjusted score of all countries in 2015 and 2016.

AND THE RESULTS ARE: Still slightly lower freedom this year. Assuming the measure of freedom is somewhat accurate, and I believe Freedom House is, the world isn’t doing too well. Reactionary attitudes in much of the world, and the continuing terrorist threat in the
Middle East and North Africa may be likely for the decline. Yet even large developing economies were worse off in terms of freedom from 2015 to 2016. The problem isn’t limited to small pockets of radicalization and reactionary politics. The world as a whole seems to be moving away from political freedoms.


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